Peach + Passionfruit

Peach + Passionfruit

from 130.00

Peach cake layered with thick passionfruit curd and freeze dried peach crumb, finished with Passionfruit Swiss meringue buttercream. This cake comes garnished with piped Swiss meringue buttercream, piped passionfruit curd kisses and freeze dried lemon slices unless customised.

Optional Colour Palette $5:
Fresh Seasonal Flower posy $15:
Chocolate Sails $10:
Gold Leaf $5:
Message on Isomalt Disc $10:
Ganache Drizzle $5:
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Sugar disc messages can fit up to 3 words. Please write your message in the ‘notes’ section on the next page.

Colour palette options are listed below and pictured above. If you have opted for a colour palette, please write your choice in the ‘notes’ section on the next page.

  • Concrete Grey and Black

  • Mint Green and Emerald

  • Pale Blue and White

  • Pale pink and White

  • Pale pink and Red

  • Celeste

  • Peach

  • Lilac